There’s a quiet “handshake agreement” between the United States Coast Guard and the personal watercraft manufacturers.

This mutual agreement is that the USCG won’t come cracking down on PWC production with suffocating regulations if they affirm that no factory-built skis will exceed 67 miles per hour. When we first learned of this rule, the number was 65mph, but as our supercharged four-stroke plants ever improved in horsepower output and hull design, that wiggle-room was eventually edged higher.

Nonetheless, until this rule is lifted, we Americans can’t expect to see a factory-floor watercraft tickle the 70mph mark. To those who don’t live under the stars and stripes, no such restrictions have been placed before you.

In the case of Sea-Doo, these untethered runabouts are designated with a telltale “RS” added to the end of their marques. Such RS-editions regularly reach and surpass 70 miles per hour with relish, much to the frustration of us Yanks.

Unfortunately, this article is not to announce any changes to this situation. Rather, it’s only gotten better for our Aussie brethren.
IJSBA World Champion and Sydney native, James Masterton launched Sydney Sea-Doo Performance with some key principals in mind: to bring his 14 years’ worth of Sea-Doo experience direct to the customer, providing his invaluable in-depth knowledge and attention to detail previously available to only top-level riders and race teams. This level of commitment has impressed government bodies such as NSW Maritime, Australian Defense Force and Surf Life Saving Australia, who request Sydney Sea-Doo as their dealer of choice.

Despite Sydney Sea-Doo Performance’s steady influx of “legit” clients, the dealer was constantly fielding performance-hungry enthusiasts wanting more from their skis. Masterton recounted, “Initially we decided not to offer modifications to our retail customers as our time and race efforts were solely focused on IJSBA and AJSBA Pro Runabout competition, however we decided to change our views after two years operating as a retail dealership.

“During this period, we acquired many customers with a range of performance modifications, which had poor results and reduced reliability. They came to our store asking for help and advice resulting in the decision to offer this finely, tuned package.”
his prompted Masterton to embark on an eight month journey of parts development and testing. “We wanted to offer customers a reliable, high performance package, personally set up and turn key.” James explained.

“Most consumers are confused when looking online as to which products to purchase and once assembled, why the outcome isn’t as expected. The Sydney Sea-Doo Performance RXP300 works so well simply because we utilized our 14 years of Sea-Doo race knowledge to personally set up each ski until satisfied with the performance.”

The RXP300 package delivers a reliable and constant 305 horsepower and reaches 78mph without breaking a sweat. The final result is a deceptively simple package that is individually water tested to monitor top speed, hull trueness and engine performance. The entire transformation is comprised of seven modifications. We asked James to walk us through each component in his own words:

Handlebar Extension and Grip Kit
The bar extension and handgrip kit utilize the ever popular ODI watercraft grips. Standard handgrips are thick and cause arm pump in rough conditions and the slimmer diameter of the ODI grip prevents this common rider issue.

Billet iControl Levers
These levers are a product from RIVA Racing. These levers are a nice addition and cannot be improved upon, we simply anodize them in our custom colorway.

Six-Shooter Billet Engine Kit
The focus was to develop a rocker cover addressing two major issues associated with the standard unit: During extended rides/races, the coil packs are known to lift out once the engine is hot, causing an intermittent spark. Up until now, adding a cable-tie to the coils was the only solution. The second issue is saltwater leaking down the coil tubes. This will short the circuit and again cause an intermittent spark and engine misfire. Saltwater sitting in the holes and recesses also leads to unwanted corrosion.
The Six Shooter billet oil filter cap and oil filler cap simply compliment the rocker package.

Cold Air Intake
The RXP300 features a cold air intake system from R&D Performance. Masterton explained, “We tested all available air intakes on the market and chose the Power Plenum simply because it worked best for this particular application. It retains all the OEM tubing and location. Larger kits using a 4-inch intake hose can wear on certain points in the hull, resulting in higher customer maintenance.”

Engine Tuning Package
The heart of this 305hp kit comes from a combination of carefully selected, rigorously tested components that satisfy our three main objectives- performance, reliability and maintenance. Volumetric efficiency of the supercharger is increased to 16psi @ 8,600rpm. To add reliability to the valvetrain we use titanium valve retainers, modified to change pressure on the valve seat.
The arm wrenching performance of this kit lies within the purpose tuned ECM unit. Correct fuel mixture and ignition timing is crucial for maximum potential and this area is where most all performance enthusiasts restrict the outcome. The RXP300 ECU is tailored specifically for this application and is the key reason our performance is unmatched for a package that falls under $5,000AUD.

Custom-Pitch Impeller
Impeller testing is performed during the final stages of completion. The performance of each craft varies slightly so we take numerous jet pumps with different impeller combinations to the lake and test until we reach the desired result.

Hyrdo-Turf Seat Cover
Hydro-Turf gripper seat cover helps keep the rider firmly planted in rough water conditions, whilst the added knee grip prevents rider arm pump. This is an added option for the RXP300 as many customers prefer the smooth vinyl feel of the standard seat cover.


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