Interview Abraham Ho

PTFR: Tell us about your last experience in the Portugal Freeride.
AB: To me Portugal was epic for many reasons , it was the first time on Portugal and i just find amazing. I loved Sintra and Lisbon.
The portugueses are so warm and i think we have so many things in common , also was mi first win at Pro Class, so that make it special for me. I love the food and the waves are insane. I love Portugal and all about it, so be back in that special place Nazare its just unreal to me …………….

PTFR: Do you know Nazare ? is god for Free Ride to go there ?
AB: Everyone involve in water sports know about the reputation of Nazare and the record of the bigest wave ever surf, so ridding there gone be for sure one of the gratest moments of ridding jetskis in my life ……..

PTFR: What are your goals to 2016?
AB: My goals for 2016 is the World Championship. With the second place in 2015 i cannot think about something else, so i want to compete in all freerides of IFWA and make it happen…………….. but also i want to be at all tour stops and freeride in all the epic places, and enjoy the ride and meet all my friends around the world………

Photo: Cristina Menezes Alves

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