Euro Tour 2015 – Nysa Poland

Nysa, small town in southwestern Poland near the border with the Czech Republic, with a sweeping natural protected area where the trees surrounding the 20 square kilometers lake that was created by human hand from the river Nysa Nyskie in 1971, is about to receive the most important European Jetski competition.

From 15th to 19th of July, the local organization Jetski Nysa Poland and IJSBA Europe co-organizes the Jetski European Championship and the Endurance European Championship 2015.

In a single race competition, the riders will have to give their best, because there is no opportunity to recover from a “not so good weekend”; whoever wins, next year will boast the title of European Champion.

The Portuguese teams Samuka Racing and Team Almeida will arrive at Poland with high hopes and big ambitions. The PJSBA pilots Carlos Truta, Sebastian Fragoso, Filipe Filipe, Tiago Sousa, Rui Sousa, Gonçalo Rodrigues, Rui Almeida and Rita Almeida will represent Portugal in Poland, trying to take the opportunity to get on the podium.

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