Dear Mirandela Pilots…

Dear Mirandela Pilots,
One of the greatest joys of my career has been to experience the world-class program at Mirandela. Mirandela is to Europe what Havasu is to the United States, just saying the word invokes the sport’s strongest senses of competition, friendship, and professionalism.
IJSBA appreciates the examples and lessons Mirandela has shown the rest of the world as to how strong the sport can be. Portugal’s history of being a leader in aquatic endeavors make it no surprise that this event is so special. All of the pilots and the organizers are to be congratulated on your success. I personally wish you the best of luck for this weekend and I look forward to seeing the results, pictures, and stories. See you in Havasu.


Scott Frazier
President, IJSBADear Mirandela Pilots

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