Daniel Mc Key towards to the Jetcross tour

The Argentinian pilot Daniel Mc Key, twice world champion in 2014 is ready to compete at the famous JETCROSS Tour next month, July 24th, 25th and 26th in the city of Doncaster – UK.
This event will count with the presence of the best jetski pilots of the world and would not be completed without the presence of the Argentinian pilot, who crosses any borders to compete this sport.
Daniel will be competing on behalf of his team, Massa Racing, and will be disputing on SKI VETERANO OPEN. This is the only title missing for MC Key, besides of his various conquered trophies throughout his career, the JETCROSS TOUR title is still missing.
Originally from Arroyo Seco – province of Santa Fé, he has settled in the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina, started his career in 1999, date of his first world title, today at the age of 51 he is one of the most active and victorious pilots of his generation.
Daniel takes off to London on the 22nd of July, he will be the only South American pilot present on British waters.

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