World Cup Championship

For the second edition of the Flyboard World Cup, Zapata Racing invites the best riders from all over the world to face each other in a competition organized in three days.With the recent launch of the new Flyboard version, the competition promises to be even more impressive than the previous one. In the same place as the previous edition, between skyscrapers and white sand beaches, the competition will gather eighty contestants from over 20 countries. The middle-east distributor, Performance Marine and Qatar Marine Sport Federation (QMSF) will host the event and welcome all the thrill seekers the 7th, 8th and 9th of November. Stéphane Prayas, the winner of the first championship will put his title back in challenge and regarding the flyboard success worlwide, he has serious reasons to worry… The competition is organized in sea, on a calm stretch of water, sheltered from the wind. The participants will be judged by a jury composed by 5 jet-ski and Flyboard professionals who will assign grades according to each criterion to determine the finall rank. The competition rules which will be communicated at the end of the pre-selection previews different selective stages where each rider wil be judged independantly according to the following criterias :

✓ Variety of figures (risk taking, technic difficulties, innovation)

✓ Technical execution

✓ Competitor’s attitude

✓ Competitor energy (number of figures, speed, etc.)

✓ Esthetics Who can participates ? This is a competition opened to all riders who have a sufficient practice level to present different freestyle tricks. A first selection is made on video extracts.

How to register? First send a 2 minutes video extract and dowload the registration form on Complete and send it to The registration includes:

• Airport – competition place transfers

• 3 nights in hotel 4* for 2 people

• Equipment (PWC & Flyboard) for the challenges The competitor has to take in charge his flight ticket for Doha.

Equipment to bring: helmet and life vest.

1 – PRESELECTION ON VIDEO until 30/09 The candidate who wants to participate must send a 2 minutes video extract before the 30th of September. Only one video will be considered. Video must be send by WeTransfer at:

2 – RESULTS PUBLICATION the 1st of October

3 – START OF REGISTRATION the 2nd of October The chosen candidates will have to register online by filling the form on The registration will be confirmed by e-mail at the reception of the following documents: – Flight ticket – Passport copy

4 – REGISTRATION CLOSURE the 31st of October Press Book World Cup 2013 Head Office Krystel ZAPATA +33 (0)4 91 69 69 32 Press and Communication Claire BRZOKEWICZ +33 (0)4 91 69 69 34 Events Stéphane DENIS +33 (0)7 61 29 70 70 PWC Product – ZAPATA RACING 39, Avenue Saint Roch 13740 Le Rove France

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