JetRace 2014 – Martinique

After 3 long days, the end is here, the first JETRACE of 2014, event held at the Island of Martinique, a French insular overseas department in the Caribbean. The event had the presence of 20 pilots that came from various parts of the world such as Belgium, France, Great Britain, USA, and the neighboring islands namely Guadalupe and local pilots from Martinique.

One of the spotlights was of the race, was the participation of two local competitors, the final was great, which in competitions such as these are quite difficult to happen.

The three days of the race were marked by the domain of the Kawasaki motorcycles, which alternated between victories and leadership. The pilot from the island of Martinique Jean-Luc Jahsi (jetski 20-Kawasaki 310), maintained a tight duel with the English Russell Marmon (jetski 666-Kawasaki ULTRA 300), but in sum the English prevailed and ended up claiming 2.138 points.

On second position, was Jean-Luc Jahsi a local pilot with 2.056 and after the French Silvain Ente with 2044 points, the first three classifications were totally dominated by Kawasaki, while in other classifications it was alternated by YAMAHA and again KAWASAKI.

The events organization was impeccable, maintaining the chronogram of the schedule and an infrastructure of excellent quality to meet the pilots and the team’s needs. Also a logistic of buses and helicopters to meet the press that were present at the event.

The second and the third day of the races was pointed by periods of long duration where the pilots ran more than 70km from one side of the island to the other being applauded by an excellent public from Club Med. We also had a presentation of flyboard and jetski freestyle.

On the last day of the competitions 3 races were held, being one of them of 45 mts or 12 rounds, where the physical performance prevailed as well as the knowledge of the machinery. Some pilots such as the champion and vice-champion only punctuated avoiding this way the wear and tear of the machines and lack of fuel. YAMAHA took advantage by leading the race.



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