Interview Yury Ryabko (RUS) – IN

1- Yury, the big world competitions of ENDURANCE and OFFSHORE already begun. At Mark Hahn why you did not have a good classification? Is your jetski prepared for competitions on high sea instead of lakes?

Our jet ski is prepared to ride under different water conditions. We have one type of settings used for smooth water another type of settings for medium waves, and for ocean waves which we expect in Martinique we prepared special settings as well. Actually we were satisfied and even glad with the results we got in Mark Hahn despite of some misfortune – there was a short-circuit of the battery plates. We are still thinking if we will install spare backup battery into our PWC edition or to install the battery after special testing only. Anyway this sport is technical one and our team can manage this kind of mischance. We showed the best speed on Mark Hahn race and good stability after the replacement of the battery. It was invaluable experience for our team to get back to race after such a powerful knock out. We were happy to be one team with Sylvain Ente during the race. He is so experienced and professional so he could handle the new jet ski for him in a very short time.

2- You will be stepping out of a -5ºC to almost a 40ºC in Martinique, which is the sensation of participating at an event with such a different climate to the one who are used to? Is there a special preparation? With your jetski, how was it prepared to endure such high level temperatures at the Caribbean?

We are dreaming of sponsor who will provide us special white color wetsuit for summer period so the temperature of +40C will be better endured. Seriously though, all the riders are participating under equal conditions. We have similar experience in Thailand and at World Finals in Lake Havasu. Moreover, we have Dyno Stand with weather station available as one of our technical resources. We will get dyno-correction factor 1 and 2 as a results of testing and that will allow us to be ready to make changes in fuel-air mixture and timing for such air temperature and humidity changes. Anyway the race will show if we are right.

3- In less than 5 years you and your team emerged in the world jetski scenery as one of the fastest pilots on offshore competitions. It’s not for nothing that you won for 2 consecutive years the RUSSKY GRAND PRIX, but all of that success is due to what? SPECIAL MOTOR? HULL? PREPARATION? Is it true that your jetski can reach a 110 miles?

I managed to win in Russky Grand Prix in 2010 (when it was not international event yet) and second time I won it in 2014. So you’re overpraising me. Success in our races is based on three factors: speed, reliability and rider’s skills. Currently i can evaluate our speed as 90% out of 100%, reliability as 70% and the level of my preparation as 60% from desired one. So our team is ready for almost 75%. We indeed have a perfect system that can be called as specially prepared engine. We are still working on the hull but the perfect is an enemy of the good and Yamaha’s configuration is competitive enough. The true and exact speed registered by us with the help of accurate devices was 90 miles per hour. There are some “devices” that show us even 110 miles per hour and when it happens we’re getting excited and making selfie 

4- You are without a doubt one of the biggest names of the world of jetski, a competitor that everyone wants to defeat. What is the secret of such success?

Objectively speaking my personal sports preparation is behind other indicators of the team. I have to work hard to overcome particularities of physical shape, age and lack of time. Currently some imperfections are eliminated due to the advantages that my team is giving to me.

5- A JOR RIY RACING is an exclusive team for you. What they have been developing as afar as competitions is basically a preparation of the motor or do they work on the improvement of the hull?

Our team is a researching center equipped with top level equipment. We are working on existing engines and its control systems . We improve the standard specifications of the engines to get the maximum possible power out of the existing configuration. We’re also working on the hull and jet propulsion to transform the power into movement and speed.

6- Speaking of the hull, we observed that you ride a YAMAHA model is the motor original with adaptations? And the hull, is YAMAHA or KAWASAKI?

Actually we work with all existing engines. It’s easier with Yamaha to find a balance between engine power and power output via water jet and hull. There will be Kawasaki JRR Offshore Edition with turbo supercharger participating in Russky Grand Prix 2016 and we will have possibility to evaluate MonoGedron hull on top high speed.

7- What are the news that you will present at the Caribbean competition?

The main new thing is a possibility for rider to choose one or several modes during the race to give quick and proper response to outer conditions changes. We also applied several know-how and the race will show its efficiency.

8- Did you do any special preparation for these competitions? Gym? Any special diet?

Mostly it’s cycling, swimming and working on my endurance in general. My special diet is not more than limitation of excesses.

9- For the 2º round at Vladivostok, anything new at this competition this year?

I’m very glad that Peter De Smet, who is organizing Jetracer World Offshore Tour 2016 and knows Vladivostok good enough, studied all the possibilities and offered to vary the routes for the Russian race. So now different routes are planned for each day of the race. The riders will go not only around the Russkiy Island but to other islands of Amur Bay and Ussuri Bay. One of the days the race will be organized in Endurance format. So all of this will make Russkiy Grand Prix more interesting for riders to participate and even for those who have already been in Vladivostok several times as they will have a possibility to see new locations and get new experience participating in Russkiy Grand Prix. Besides, the race organizers are preparing a big program of side activities.

10- What can we expect form YURI RYABKO for the first stage of the world offshore at Martinique?

I would like to show my new helmet but its design made by genius artist (who is working on the helmet) takes so much time that I’m afraid I will not be able to show it even on the second stage of the Tour. Seriously speaking what you can expect from the whole team is an absolute respect to the power of the ocean bounds Martinique and full throttle – 9000 RPM at the first opportunity 🙂

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