Interview Patricia Mosselman (BEL)

1- The world of competition is part of your life since when? Were you always inclined for the world of jetski or were you involved with other motor sports?
R: My first race was in France, I think it was in 1989. I stopped racing one year, to be Co-Pilote in Rally, but I didn’t like it, so, I took my Jetski again , 1995-1996

2- From all competitions which one was the most difficult or better? Which one scared you the most?
R: For me the most difficult race was the African Jetraid : Long races, difficult races, river, sea, Offshore, Endurance, Oval Races, no hotel, no electricity, the real adventure, sometimes more than 10 hours on your jetski
The Best because a lot off friendship between all the racers was made there. Every racer can call himself a racer if he was there !

3- You always race next to your husband? Is he the “fundamental piece” in your success and as well as the team’s success?
R:In the beginning we race separately but the atmosphere & ambiance was not good, we were 2 competitors, so 2 concurrents ! We decided after 4 years to race together, and that’s a really good decission ! We complemented each other very well

4- In how many countries have you competed? I know you were at Brazil, but in how many countries were you at?
R: We raced in many countries : France, Senegal-Mauritanie-Guinée, Uruguay, Argentinia, Peru, Brazil, India, Russia, United States, Greece and offcourse in Belgium

5- In your opinion, which is the best offshore team at this time? Which is the best pilot?
R: For me , the best Offshore Team is “Pastorello Team Competition “, the best racers: Pastorello & Botti

6- Among women we have some highlighted competitors such as Yulia Chernuka and Olya Antoniyuk. Are they a promise or are they a reality in this world of man?
R: I saw them for the first time last year, and nothing to say, both are WAOUW, an image of real highlighted competitors, better than a lot of some teams or riders

7- Which is the title that you don’t have yet on your living room?
R: World champion Pro Am Ladies Runabout, and The Karujet Race

8- Are you more focused in racing or do you have a special interest in jetski mechanics? Do you have a saying in the preparation of the motor?
R: Both, Philippe always ask my opinion and I try to help him the best I can, After all the stuff with preparing GPS and the roadbook is my job !

9- What are your expectations to compete at Martinique?
R: Doing my best and try to win every Race !

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