Interview MARTINIQUE JET RACE 2016 – Ing

We are delighted that the success of the 1st Martinique Jet Race 2014 has led us to organize this second event on 15,16 and 17 April 2016. In fact, organizing an international race of this importance is not easy, but the presence of Peter de Smet (p IJSBA of Europe) and his team alongside TYM972 was determinant for success. Martinique is very proud to host this new edition with the presence, this time, of the President of the International Federation IJSBA, Mr. Scott Frazier and the representative of the Russian Federation IJSBA Marina Leonova , both signatories to the Convention of TYM972 organization of the first round of the world Championship Offshore 2016 Martinique .
Initially we had planned to organize this event every 2 years due to limited financial means at that time. Today things have evolved and thanks to the real commitment of the members of our association, we were able to convince the forces of the country that the project was good for Martinique. Thus, our compatriots, walking as one, we are now able to claim for the organization of this competition every year.
Martinique is a land of welcome and when visitors come here for the first time, they only think of coming back. Many pilots have already expressed their great interest into skiing on our beautiful waters and the annual organization of this competition will only respond to a strong demand from them.
This year we are targeting to welcome fourty crews with 14 to 15 different nations. Recent political and institutional changes in our island did not allow us to have early enough political support and the funding needed to get more. Our aim to have more than 10 nationalities will still be reached this year and we are targeting double for the next edition. In any case it will never a sports field also provided could not be met before on our island , which is already in itself a victory for us .
Everything remains to be seen with the organizers and we will do everything to perpetuate and becomes annual.
This competition will last 3 days this year, as in 2014, but this time the pilots will have to travel about 200 kms per day for a total of 600 kms. Each day there will be a first step 55 kms without refueling and the second of 145 kms with refueling. The competition will be based in the town of Case Pilote (City Northwest on the Caribbean coast) as in 2014 but this time we have one city different stage each day. On Friday, April 15 the city step is Fort de France (Capital of Martinique) and Saturday, April 16 the city stage will be the city of the beautiful beaches of St. Anne in southern Martinique but always on the Caribbean coast with an incursion in the far south on the edge of the Caribbean sea and Atlantic ocean. On Sunday, April 17th the race will remain at Case Pilote all along the northern Caribbean coast with buoys to turn in the extreme north of Martinique in the city of Grand River, where the sea is the most hectic, standing at the edge of the Caribbean sea and Atlantic ocean.
Our sponsors are institutional ; the Territorial Community of Martinique , Northern Cape regions , the central region of the CACEM and the Space SUD and Tourism Committee. In private sponsors we Total, Continental Marine , Monster , Eric Jean- Joseph , the Three River Foundation , The Clement Foundation , Club Med etc ….
There will be a shuttle system to retrieve the pilots at the airport and bring them to the hotel Batelière . There will be a bus for the connection
of the hotel to paddocs to Case Pilote morning and late afternoon. Drivers
also have the opportunity to rent vehicles if they so wish . Some drivers
accompanying can follow the race boat and especially Saturday or they can
visit the southern part of the island after a nice navigation in the
Caribbean Sea to the stage town of Sainte-Anne . Then, a meal will be
offered to drivers and some officials in one of the finest restaurants on
the island located on the beautiful beach of Sainte-Anne.
The difference between our event and those of Peru and Colombia is the
first place because we are in the Caribbean Sea with water above 25
degrees, and many beautiful beaches . We also have the reputation of having
a warm welcome and more convivials makes our very engaging island and
Creole cuisine is exceptional , museums and distilleries that produce the
best rum in the world because many times titrated .
The winner of the first edition Russel Marmon will be present this year in
Martinique for this second edition , but unfortunately will not defend his
title since he recently underwent surgery . we will still honor to be
present , especially in the organization of the race where his experience
of experienced pilots will be very useful . This may be because of his
presence at the first edition which tempted to first-class drivers like
Jean -Bruno Pastorello and Jean -Baptiste Botti (several times world
champion) , to come participate in our great competition .
We expect about twenty local drivers Martinique, Guyane and Guadeloupe who
will participate to this competition .
The organization of security on ocean will be completely covered by the
organizer supported by the state services . Substantial resources will
therefore be set up to provide professional assistance to drivers on the
water by means of boats, security jets and a helicopter .
The race Manager will be Peter de Smet, a master in this field, who
organizes races around the world on all continents and also organized the
first edition of Martinique Jet Race. We are proud to offer an optimal
quality organization to our pilots who can exercise their talent on one of
the most beautiful jet ski spot in the world , Martinique …

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