Interview Mark Matsuda – IFWA

What you think about your experience in the Portugal Freeride ?Portugal has always been a great location for Freeride. No matter at Super Tubos, Peniche, or Sintra, the experience is always excellent, good waves and the fantastic hospitality of the Portuguese people.

Do you know Nazare ? Yes, I know Nazare’ from the surf culture and was very lucky to visit this marvelous city in 2015.

is god for Free Ride to go there ?Absolutely! its one of the biggest opportunities we have made in Freeride to take our sport to this hallowed wave location. The City is really a marvel of Portuguese culture and we at IFWA believe it to be a huge step in getting our sport more international exposure.

What are IFWA goals for 2016–2016 is a big year for us at IFWA, some of our goals this season are to create a better communication network with our member pilots and to modernize our internet web image. We understand that its important for an international association to communicate more easily and with current technology we can do better. WE have a very strong product in FreeRide sport in 2016 and we are working to get the sport out to more non competitors as well as increase the overall awareness of Surf Watercraft riding. Its exciting that we have the finest athletes in our membership and with their help we can achieve a much higher level of exposure. we open in the famous wave location of Nazare’ Portugal where the largest wave occurs and we close or tour in Chiba Prefecture Japan. We have worked hard to get both a great beginning and a great ending to this years tour and as Japan is a first year participating nation we look forward to adding Japanese Pilots to our FreeRide Family. Japan has been involved in PWC Sport since its inception and we expect FreeRide to grow rapidly on the Island nation. Lastly, it is always a goal of IFWA to help provide competition but even more so its important for our members from all over the world to come together and share their culture, build new friendships and strengthen old ones.

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