EUROTOUR 2016 – The biggest event of all times

What was already good in 2015 it will be even better in 2016, in only 9 days the EUROTOUR will start, the IJSBA EUROPE site has already more than 305 pilot registrations. The beautiful city of Nysa, located at 369 Kms from the capital Warsaw, welcomes on the second year round pilots from all over Europe for the EUROTOUR races.

With an infrastructure created thinking about the pilots and teams the events organization looks to make it all comfortable in a familiar setting. The events organization is under the management of the Belgium Peter De Smet who has been managing closely all of the details of this great event. Last week the competition schedule was fixed with all of the schedules set, if you have not been able to access it, please follow the link

Together with the organization of the event, the Jetskinworld has been working in order to disclose the most important news, photos and videos, classifications, competition calendar and a lot more. Our team focuses on the 3 main platforms of social media: Facebook, Instagram and Youtube. Besides of these social networks, we have an APP multiplatform FREE, where you will have access to all information of the EUROTOUR with only a few clicks. Our application is available at APPLE STORE and GOOGLE PLAY, or at the links below.


This year we bring one more feature to the event, the personalized QR CODES with such tool all it takes is one click with your smartphone to scan the QR CODE and all information about the event will be available to you. The personalized totems will be distributed thru the paddock and VIP area available to the public, even though all of the pilots have received a FLYER with the matching QR CODES. This new technology, used by now in many countries, is another tool do disclose photos, videos, news, maps and classifications. Our flyer with the listing of all QR CODES is available at the link

We created an exclusive space for the press members from all over the world, an exclusive FTP channel  (, so magazines and newspapers can have images with quality to be published in the daily editions.

The city of Nysa, the EUROTOUR, pilots and teams deserve the best, because they are the best, and together with events STAFF we wish to provide the best disclosure as far the digital media.


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