All Digital PWC Racing Magazine, JETSKINWORLD Has Been Launched

Another exciting news product has joined the PWC Racing Family. JETSKINWORLD has launched as an all-digital and interactive publication. So far, the publication is largely written in Portuguese and English, and centers around news from Portugal and Brazil. However, the amount of comments and contributions from other European and South American countries shows that the content is going to rapidly grow into very diverse coverage. The recent Mark Hahn 300 features in the publication also attest that this is a global magazine.

Like many of the new reporting efforts to surface lately, JETSKINWORLD is a community driven product created by a group of racers in Portugal and a Professional Photographer of JetSki in Brazil. This concept of participant driven race reporting as a first priority over ad space sales seems to be the winning ticket in actually attracting interested advertisers these days. There is simply no substitute for passionate content.

One really nice thing about this digital format is that it uploads quickly to a tablet computer or Smartphone for easy viewing on a plane, train, or bus. For those of us who travel frequently, being able to download reading content to a tablet has made being stuck in a coach fare plane seat or crowded train much more pleasant as you no longer have to fumble with opening a laptop to read digital print magazines. Also, the auto translation software has really made major gains in delivering very coherent content to readers whose language is different from the original writing.

Please see the attached sample of JETSKINWORLD. We wish this new venture the best of luck and look forward to sharing new content from them when it is next received.

Scott Frazier

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